Monday, 20 May 2013

The Savory And Sweet Temptation Of Pancakes

Paddington House Of Pancakes brings the flavors of the world and wraps them up in fascinating yet tasty pancakes. Having one of the widest range of pancakes, customers will be spoilt for choice and feel as though they're being food-pampered. Located at City Square Mall, Start salivating over their offerings.....

Pancakes Of The Savory Variety:

 This is called the Monaco, the delicious zucchini and onion pancakes are paired well with herb-infused grilled lamb shoulders (250gm) infused. Comes with creamy, mashed potatoes and yogurt mint sauce!

Sink your teeth into The Alaska. The standout being the mushroom sauce, tantalizing for any tastebud and perfect for the breaded dory. With the spicy mashed potato pancakes, it's an interesting mix of flavors.

Best to take it slow with the Oslo and its generous servings of Smoked salmon & cheesy scrambled eggs with grilled zucchini. Yet again the spicy mashed potato pancakes and sour cream burst with plenty of zing!

Pick from coolers, slushies and power juices as well as the addictive milkshakes to quench your thirst.

 Pancakes Of The Sweet Variety:

 A great sweetener will be the Dutch Pannekoek where drooling is the order of the day with its concoction banana fritters, peaches, pineapple, nuts, raisins, toffee, cinnamon sugar, double ice cream and whipped cream. That's a mouthful indeed!

 Indulge in to this bounty of goodies called the Treasure Box! Covered by a frosty ice cream mountain there lies not only the fluffy and golden dollar pancakes, the servings of strawberry gems, banana medallions, peach nuggets, lychees and raisins means a feasting. Golden nuts and Hawaiian coconut on top makes it an amazing eat!

Bloggers Chloe and Karen were seen at Paddington House Of Pancakes to taste their famed assortment of pancakes.