Thursday, 21 February 2013

Memorable Massage at Ling Xin TCM

  Located at 522 Macpherson Rd, the body massage services incorporates TCM to boost your health using a combination of traditional and unique heat treatments

Bloggers Karen Ashley and Moonberry were there to experience a range of services including Herbal Steam Bath, Acupunture & TCM Massage

 The Fuyang Cup uses Heat and Infra-Red to penetrate body tissue and it is complemented by Gua Sha

 Or if Customers prefer, they can still opt for the traditional method of cupping to remove blocked qi.

 Heat Therapy using Herbs is one of the distinctive therapies at Ling Xin to relieve problem areas.

Firing Pulses Of Heat on your body in conjuction with acupuncture treatment is a surefire way to correct the imbalances residing in our bodies


  Choose from their cosy rooms including couple rooms for various TCM Massage services. Professional Therapists are attentive to your every need and make it a relaxing experience to remember,

Visit Ling Xin TCM and start on the road to healthy living with TCM Massage today!
522 Macpherson Road, (S)368214
Tel: 6515 9363


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