Thursday, 28 February 2013

Welcoming Surprises at The Yang's Hainanese Chicken Rice

Along the Busy Serangoon Road, The Yang's Traditional Hainanese Chicken Rice prides itself on the quality of their dishes. 50 years of experience has been key in getting generations of customers raving about their Chicken Rice.

Whether it's steam or roasted, the juicy flesh melts in your mouth and the gravy is sumptuous. Pair with the stinging chili and you'll get a sensation of the palates.

Be pleasantly surprised by the array of other dishes, all at reasonable prices

Take for instance the Vietnamese Beef which is infused with the right amount of spices.

And The Salted Egg Pork Rib King which has a sweet tinge enhanced gleefully by its egg-based sauce

 The golden-brown fried fish fillets of the Sweet and Sour Fish are also thoroughly crispy. The sauce marinate is not overpowering and is full of flavor.

 While you may not get tipsy from eating the Herbal Drunken Prawns, the steamy herbs broth gives an added zest to the prawns. Note that The Yang's Chicken Rice does have delivery and catering services. 

Thanks to Ruth Yang for hosting Bloggers Ivy Goh and Jasmine Victorina at the jovial food tasting. You'll be satisfied by the dining experience and the warm, friendly service 
Visit The Yang's Traditional Hainanese Chicken Rice and tuck into one of Singapore's most iconic cuisine
562 Serangoon Road, (S)218178
Tel: 6299 1128


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