Sunday, 17 February 2013

They Eat, They Shoot, They Post @ Chengdu Sichuan Restaurant

 Bloggers Michelle, Tiffany and Kaman toasting to Chicken Feet at Chengdu Sichuan Restaurant located @ 133 Tyrwhitt Road

 Be pleasantly surprise by the spread at Chengdu as they serve more than just Sichuan cuisine. For instance, the delightful Chicken Feet with Chili

There's even Nonya Fish & Marmite Chicken at Chengdu! This sets it apart from other Sichuan Restaurants in Singapore

Of course soon everyone was tucking into the signature Sichuan dish Fish Filets in Hot Chili Oil

 Chicken With Chili is to be savored as it's an addictive mix of crispy nuggets of chicken infused with the right amount of hotness. Popcorn Chicken with TASTY HEAT!

Sichuan Pancake with red bean paste is the perfect compliment to any meal. Chengdu does have sweet and spicy treats for everyone

133 Tyrwhitt Road (S) 207554
Tel: 6291 1555

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