Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The Addiction That Is Korean Food @ Woori-Nara

Where can you find this Smorgasboard of Delicious Korean Food?

At Woori-nara of course! This Family-Run Korean restaurant @ Upper Bukit Timah has dishes that will leave you wanting more.

Take for instance the Yum Yum Chicken. Marinated with 3 different special sauces, this is crispy goodness that's oh so addictive.

 Budae Jigae, a savory soup filled with gochujang (red chili paste) and kimchi. The right amount of spices in the thick Stew-like base.

Whets the appetites instantly. Hence the smiles that's brewing all round. 

But first the customary photo-taking by bloggers

 Tuck into Jokbal (boiled pig trotters) which has a unique greasiness and strong flavor.

But Wait there's more delicacies ahead.....

Indulge in all these at Woori-Nara:
  • Bibimbap - a signature Korean dish topped with fried egg and sliced beef
  • Ddeokbokkip - a popular Korean snack food with slices of rice cake, meat and eggs
  • La Tofu, tofu and kimchee served on a sizzling hot plate( a Woorinara signature)

    and many more.....

Visit Woori-Nara Korean Restaurant to sample the 
Tan Quee Swee Building #01-02, 19 Lorong Kilat, (S)598120
Tel: 6464 9282

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