Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Shiraz Lazziz is the Jewel Of Persian Delicacy

Food tasting thanks to Arun, Marketing Manager of Shiraz Lazziz

Bloggers in attendance:

Ginevi Wong

Alfresco Dining with chefs up close and personal while you dine

Mojito Lazziz is one of their signature drinks and soothing for those hot nights

 BBQ Chicken Wings are always a great start to any meal

Perfectly grilled Lamb Kubideh is going to be an addiction all over Singapore. Served with fragrant basmati rice.

Rashth Soup is a specialty soup to whet your appetite. Includes Onions & Vermicelli with a tomato/olive oil base

 Pick at the marinated boneless chicken wrapped in Rotisserie. Comes with fries

 Savor the oven roasted duck leg. The fascinating part is it's drizzled with traditional pomegranate sauce

Never miss out on their Persian dessert such as the sweet Baghlava said to be an aphrodisiac!

Sassy ladies will also be showcasing their sensual belly dancing moves at Shiraz Lazziz

Visit Shiraz Lazziz to taste the best in Persian delicacy!
The Star Vista, #02-201 Vista Exchange Green (S)138617
Tel: 6694 5927 

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