Thursday, 13 December 2012

The Mobile App To Rule Them All!

Here’s a compilation of Bloggers reviewing our Singapore Maps App. Find out what they have to say…J

1.       Juliana Chong 

Basically, this incredible app acts like a travel buddy who helps you discover the best of our island city with an impressive coverage of recommended points-of-interest:

2.       Jasmine Victorina

They even have a whole list of Halal food! One category that I was SUPER pleased to see! No, I'm not a Muslim but I do have Muslim friends and THIS will so totally save me & all of us from constantly asking them where they can or cannot dine at or where's a good restaurant to have our meal at whenever we plan an outing or gathering! (;

3.       Michelle N.

Just then, the well-known Street Directory team informed me about their new mobile app service! Its definitely one of the best Map Apps that I’ve used thus far! If you are following them long enough, you might have noticed that they have been constantly upgrading their apps to make it more user friendly!

4.       Regina Chow

Getting timely traffic updates or reviews on the latest deals/stores/food has never been easier with the Tips tab. You can also share pictures, comments and your location with friends. I especially like the up-to-date traffic alerts. Now, I'll always know which roads to avoid when I'm in a hurry!

5.       Janice Goh

I'm sure most of the people have already known of Streetdirectory. 
For people like me, whose job requires me to get to everywhere, i think most of you should have this app Singapore Maps in your phone too!

6.       Siew Lin

I was at Jurong Point, and I tried to use the Nearby feature to see if it's really useful. So it tells me where are the ATMs, dining places, cafes etc. Which is quite good (for me! haha) when Mr Pau and I cannot think of where to eat. Probably can search places on the app and then decide on one

7.       Gin Wong

Ever hear about getting lost in singapore? Not sure about the road? Where to check for tips or good food nearby? My GPS mislead me Again? how? Are these common questions that you need to know ? Waking up to a lovely day to DISCOVER new places to go! Streetdirectory Singapore Maps App comes in handy when it is FREE of charge!

8.       Germaine Chan

Streetdirectory App is a must have in our phone as it provides a navigation to our destination especially if you have a bad sense of direction and are clueless of the road names you're heading to.


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