Monday, 26 November 2012

Streetdirectory’s Secret Is Out!

Streetdirectory latest app offers cool Offline Map updates.

The Singapore mobile app called “Singapore Maps” delivers everything you need to stay on track, and more. Get the lowdown on what to see around you, places to dine at, things to do, and directions on how to get there.

Here are some of the things that make Singapore Maps one of the friendliest and most efficient map apps around:

  1. Offline Map.

    Download the entire street map of Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia and Hong Kong. Divided into easy-to-navigate maps per city, it is great to use if you are abroad, plus friends and family who are visiting Singapore can easily plan their trip. The GPS works even if there is no internet access. So you can still tell where you are.

  2. Full Screen. 

    Navigate your way from point A to B with a full screen map. Singapore Maps has now done away with pesky menu bars, allowing you a clear shot of where you are going. Additionally, disable the ‘Auto-Lock’ feature to use your phone as a GPS without having to worry about the screen blacking out on you mid-journey.

  3. Improved Menu Options. 

    The Menu tab features a simple dropdown list of everything you need such as ‘Directory’, ‘Directions’, ‘Nearby’, ‘Traffic’, ‘Offline Maps’ and ‘Personal’ such as Inbox, Feedback and My Saves. Everything you need is readily accessible and at your fingertips.

  4. Make Free Calls.

    This snazzy new feature allows you to save minutes on your outgoing calls. Have a question for a store or intend to make reservations? Just leave your number and someone will call you right back.

  5.  Other Improved Goodies.

    Singapore Maps has also improved upon its older offerings, such as Directions, Directory, Traffic, Tips, Add a New Business, Get a Free Website and Building Directory. They are not only easier to use but are faster and more accurate as well.

Do not be overwhelmed as Singapore Maps breaks down its latest offering into a 15-second tutorial. Choose to watch it right away or opt to watch it at a later time to get to know the app. In addition to that, stand the chance to win a free gift when you download the app. So what are you waiting for? Visit the Appstore  or Marketplace, download Singapore Maps and never be lost again!

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